Monday, May 05, 2008

Christy Making a Polymer Clay Doll Head

Sit back..relax..get some coffee and watch Christy making one of her Polymer Clay Doll Heads.She does a great job on this video.:)

Before clicking out of the site..look at what she did to our dog Freedom.(upper right pic)She put her own eyes on her.LOL

Please leave her a comment..she worked hard making this.:)Thanks!

Here's the video
  • Christy's video

  • P.S.
    Dad stopped biting his nails a few years ago.LOL

    SCROLL DOWN FOR TODAY'S FREEBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Tammy Dunlap said...

    Val I LOVE your new kit! Great patterns and colros! TY!cqonk

    Saab said...

    OMG Val Christy is so TALENTED!!! I loved the whole video, god her comments were craking me up!! Just when I thought I really wanted to see a close up, she commented that she would post one at the end *lol* I can't believe how stunning and real it looked! I would love to know how long it took in real time. I'm guessing it would have taken ages. Gosh I have to say it again she is so talented and PMSL about the nails!Please pass on to Christy that I thought it was beautiful and funny!!!! What more could I ask for :)

    Oh and while I'm talking about talent, I love your retro papers!!!!