Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Valjs Blue Textured Paper 3

It looks like the 8x8's won this round.:) This is the third paper from a four pack I made.I thought to make it easier for those of you who have dial up...I would do a paper at a time. Hope this helps some.:) This paper can be used all by itself..add a frame or six (hehe) and some elements and you have a new LO. I love this color of blue...hope you do too.:)

Thank you ALL so much for voting.I had some scrappers ask me in the past about changing and with a year and a half of elements made with the 1200x1200 size..and my puter getting bogged down with the larger sizes...I was reluctant to change. You know that can't teach an old tricks.LOL Oh well..change is good..they say.:) Now if I could get DH to change my slow computer to a newer faster one...maybe change wouldn't be so bad after all.LOL

Yesterday was my eldest Grand daughters thirteenth bday.Happy Birthday Carrie.:) I thought I would say that today since I didn't post yesterday. Wow! She is a teenager now. Time sure flies.huh?

DH and I went to Walmart a few days ago and bought a bike for me to ride. You should see me...well..maybe not!!LOL We have a new park in town that you can take your dogs for a walk and it's really nice..not too many hills.:) Christy (DD) wants me to go with her to walk our dog, Freedom.Those of you who are regulars to my blog know about my bad ankle.Anyway..I am not able to walk long distances without a brace and even then my ankle gives out on me etc etc.:) So...I rode my new bike while Christy walked Freedom. Freedom loved it..BTW...and I had fun trying to balance on a bike again. I was half way around the trail before I realized I had the handle bars backwards.HEHE.:) Don't you hate that.LOL I was wondering why my toes kept touching the tire.:) Talk about an old dog and new tricks.LOL The park was sooo full of people this last Sunday.I don't think I want to go on Sundays any more...I would speed up..just to have to slow down or stop to avoid hitting someone. If they only knew it was my first time to ride in years (The stationary bike doesn't count.LORL ) they would have been watching out for me.:) I don't know about anyone else..but it was fun to feel the wind in my hair again.:)

If you would like to use this one......

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    Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

    Evening Val!!!!!
    TY so very much for this AWESOME BG!!!!!!!
    Had no electric until 4 this evening so trying to play catchup!!!!

    Maria said...

    Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.