Tuesday, March 04, 2008

No Freebie today! :(

We have storms coming through real soon and my Son sent his girls over here this morning( for safe keeping) while he and his wife go to work..so I won't be adding a freebie today.Check back in the morning and if all goes well..I will have some glitter swirl doodles for you.:)



Ms Kittie said...

Hope the storms didn't to any damage in your area. Here in Norman, Oklahoma we lost power at our house for 45 minutes. Rain all night with heavy winds. Woke up Monday morning to snow and on Tuesday morning to 25 degress with wind gust of 45 mph. Very cold. Hard to believe that last Thursday, Friday and Saturday we had 70 degress and no wind.

Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

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Georgia's Scapbook Place said...

Hello Valinda thanks a lot for the sweet comment i'm a big fan of you i love your pages so much all is adorable & i'm so sorry for the bad weather here we are with great spring sunshine days.Hugssss to you my lady.

jburkhart said...

I am sure you enjoyed spending time with your granddaughters, though!