Friday, December 28, 2007

Valjs QP New Years 2008-2

Here is the second New Years QP I made for this year.Hope you like it too.:) I was able to go through the ones from last year and change the 2007 to a 2008 on some of them.I will be posting those this week.I added a png file to it too since last year I didn't have anything but psd.As soon as I hear back from Linda I will be posting her Calendar QP she made for all of you.:) She used my baby album for it.:) How cute!

Thank you ALL for your wonderful comments on yesterday's Qp.I am so glad you like it.You are most welcome.:)

I am gonna have to keep this one short...cause it is thundering and we are suppose to have rain most of the day today.Yay!!! We need it.:) I did want to say I enjoyed my DIL's birthday party at Red Lobster.The food was yummy and it was a nice change from all those Christmas leftovers.:)

If you would like to use this one....

Here is the link:
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