Sunday, December 02, 2007

Valjs Christmas QP 12-01-07

Hi..I'm back .:) For a while anyway.LOL I am allowed to sit with an icepack on my back.That is what I am doing now.I figure if I have to sit..I may as well share another page with you.:) I tried something a little different with this page.I wanted to try something that wasn't traditional colors...and I really like it.I like it so much...that I made a two pic for tomorrow to go with this one.:) I like it even better.LOL

Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful well wishes you left for me.I feel soooo loved.:) How sweet!

I went to my Chiropractor Friday morning.(He is closed on Thursdays or I would have gone then) He said my back was WAY out and that I would be really sore..he was right.LOL He told me lots of ice on it and don't do ANYTHING. So...I have been having my dinner brought to me and being waited on hand and foot.If I didn't hurt so would have been wonderful.LOL I have been watching Christmas movies on the TV.Between Lifetime and Hallmark..I am getting my share of Christmas movies.:) I am soo glad my Christmas decorating was done last week.!!! :) I did get a chance to sit long enough to do this page for you.Hope you like it.:)

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