Thursday, November 22, 2007

Valjs Green Paper and Christmas Bulb Frame

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my friends in the USA !!!!!!!!!:) Hope you have a wonderful day with your loved ones.:) My family are coming back to my home this evening to decorate the house for Christmas.It's something we have done Thanksgiving evening for years and years.We play Christmas music and everyone has a good time.Including our grand daughters...they love to put the decorations on the tree.:)

We have something to be very Thankful for this morning.IT RAINED ALMOST ALL NIGHT!!!!yea!!! Thank you Lord!!! My poor dog didn't care one bit for the thunder...but she will just have to not like it.We are pretty desperate for rain here in Georgia.:)

I had a request for the green paper I used as a background for yesterdays frame.You are welcome to use it if you want it.:) Hope you like the frame for today..I used this green paper for it but added lighting to it for the frame.:)

If you would like to use these......

Here are the links:

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  • Frame:

  • dwnldlink