Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Valjs Christmas Window QP-New this year

I had sooo much fun doing this one.Be sure to click on the preview to get a closer look.:) First I want to explain a couple of things I did...and give credit to Conny B ..she let me use a photo of her trip to the Botanical Gardens and I made a picture above the fireplace in this one with it.:) Thank you Conny! The film strip is suppose to represent a ladder that was used to put the Christmas lights up around the house...and it has been snowing.:) If you look closely..you see I even put siding on the outside of the house.hehe.I hope you like this one as much as I do.Enjoy!

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you have left for me on last years Christmas pages.I am not promising I will do that many this year.I have to have new ideas before that can happen.LOL I hope you enjoy them and have a wonderful memory album to look back on.:)

I finally get to go Christmas shopping today.My DD and DS are going with me...guess I won't be doing theirs today.LOL I like to start early so I don't have so much rushing around trying to find things at the last minute...and if I do a little each paycheck..it doesn't seem to hurt so much in the finances.We try not to use the credit cards if we don't have to.Speaking of credit cards...Wanna know how you can build your credit up real fast and have it be a good one??? Stay tuned to tomorrows post.! Just kidding.LOL Here is how my Mother in law taught us. Get a credit card that has 0% interest.....before the 0% interest expires...transfer that amount to another card that has 0% interest.You have just paid off a credit card!! Good credit just started for you.Continue to do that and you will have excellent credit...and no interest rates to deal with.Shhh don't tell too many folks.hehe:)

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