Monday, November 05, 2007

Song to soothe your heart:)

I just got finished reading my Nieces first book .It is called "On Purpose For A Purpose".She takes you through a study of the life of Esther and Mordecai (old testament in the bible) It is a wonderful book explaining how you are born of God on purpose... for a purpose.
Shelley Hendrix is my niece.(Brother's daughter).She is the founder of "Mary's Vineyard Ministries,Inc".and the co-creator and main-stage speaker for "The Get Real Conferences" for women. This is her first book and I can't wait to read the next one she may have in mind.She loves the Lord and teaches you how to put your trust in the Lord because he has your life all planned out for you.:) If you are interested in learning more about her is the link to her web site..
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    I'm not trying to advertize..just trying to help those of you who may wonder why you are going through some of the trials and tribulations you have been going through.Shelley explains this so well using the life of Esther..who became Queen and how God used her to save the nation of Israel.It's a true story in the bible.She compares Esthers trial to hers today and how God is the author of everything that has brought her to where she is today.

    I found this music video on her site..hope you find comfort in it.:)
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  • Valjs Christmas QP 4 now in png

    Here is another one from last year. I put the elements in png format for you and the background in jpg. The elements have a shadow already on them.That is because that is the way I did them last year...and these are copies of last years.So..they should be all set for you to add your pic and then place the elements and you are done.... Hope you like this one too.:) It definitely says Christmas...huh?:)

    Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you have left me for these pages.I am so glad you like them.You are most welcome..enjoy!!:)

    We got the repairs and painting done to the side of the house yesterday...and now we are going to concentrate on the front.Our home is about fifteen years old so things have started to wear and DH was a supervisor for his Dad's construction company in Florida for he can do most any repair himself..including concrete and brick.They did Churches..Hotels....helped build some schools etc..and residential homes.Dh got away from that and went into grocery ..and became a store manager and now he is a manager for Tuesday Morning Inc. As you change.:) His back wouldn't let him do the construction every day any now he has to do what he is able to do.:) Plus..we like a steady income and not having to rely on the weather and on the economy and having the work slow down.That is a rough way to live...but we wouldn't have these wonderful homes we live in if not for construction workers...Right? :) Oh..he also worked for my Dad's landscaping company about twenty years he can make the yard look really nice too...I think I will keep him around.LOL
    Just thought I would tell a little bit about us on here once in a while.:)

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