Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Christy's Cookies for work

Remember I told you that Christy(DD) was gonna bake cookies for an office party? Well..she took pics of them and has them on her blog...along with her new Mermaid go check them out and please leave her some comments.Those cookies are soo cute..well..if you like chopped off fingers and toes..and mice.LOL let us know what you think.:) If you are interested in how she did them..I am sure she won't mind telling you.... Just ask her.:)

Oh...and be sure to scroll down for todays freebies from me!!:)

Here is the link to her blog:
  • Christy's Creations

  • I thought I would throw some green in with all that red today.:) These are a couple more from last year.The first QP is called Christmas Lights.I was thrilled when I discovered I could make them glow.:) The second QP is with my middle Grand Daughter.Needless to say..she was the inspiration for this one.:) That is dog with her.I just LOVE this pic and QP.Pay close attention to the spelling on this escaped some of my family members until I pointed it out.hehe. Be sure to get this one..cause if you have little ones...they will lose their front teeth at this age too and you can use it then.:)
    Thank you ALL so much for leaving me such sweet comments on these Christmas pages.I sure appreciate your taking the time to do that:)You are most welcome.!!
    If you would like to use these.....
    Here are the links:
    Christmas lights:
    Two Front Teesh:
  • dwnldlink