Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Valjs Wedding QP 4 and Journal Page

I couldn't decide which one I wanted to put on here first..the journal or the next put them both on.LOL I LOVE this QP.It was a lot of fun making it too.This is my first attempt at making a journal book.Hope you like it.There's lots of room for writing..if you want to say a lot...use a smaller font size..and if you can't think of a lot to say..(that would be just enlarge the font so it fits in the page.:) I am sure we have some beautiful word art in our supplies that would look great in this journal.:) Click on the previews for a closer look at the details..but remember..I'm not a professional.LOL

Thank you ALL for the fantastic comments you have left me for these pages.I am sooo glad you are enjoying them.You are most welcome.:)

Today my DH is off.He bought a new tool the other day for his workshop down stairs (in the garage) and wants to spend time there today fixing it up(the shop) and organizing it I may just get a chance to do another wedding page for tomorrow.If not...I may just take tomorrow be sure to stop by and check.:)

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