Thursday, October 11, 2007

Valjs Baby Album Add Ons

This is for Cindi..she requested the scallops and wavy lines...thought she might like to have a few other goodies too.There are belts...buttons...stamps...and two extra QP's.The one I put my Grand daughter in to show you is one of them.Hope you like these...oh...and will tell me so.:)Oh...and the rest of you are welcome to them too if you want them.LOL

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you left me for yesterdays QP.It was a lot of fun stretching my imagination.:) I love the wrapped frames..don't you?..Not just mine..but all the ones I see.:)

I am trying 4shared again this morning in hopes they got our messages and conform to their rules they have set for themselves.If you have a problem with obscenity when dwnlding....let me know and I will look for another dwnld server.I hate to have to change because I have over two hundred posts with freebies available..and that would be gone if I had to see my reluctance.??? :)

If you would like to add these to your collection.....

Here are the links:

Baby Album QPs
  • dwnldlink

  • Baby Album Elements 1
  • dwnldlink

  • Baby Album Elements 2
  • dwnldlink