Sunday, October 07, 2007

Valjs QP 10-7-07-2 is the last one of the baby album.Hope you have had fun filling these with those adorable baby pics.:) I spent yesterday filling most of these with baby pics of my youngest Grand daughter.It was fun seeing them again and how cute they are in these pages.:) This is the last one I need to fill and then my little baby album will be complete...I thought I would give you a small mini kit of these elements case you would like to make more..anyone interested?

Thank you ALL so much for your wonderful comments.I am sooo glad you like these and told me so.:) We all love to know what someone thinks about our efforts...and it helps me to decide if I should give up on an idea or not.:) Sometimes I think something is gonna go like wild fire and it ends up being just a small flame that needs help.LOL

My DH is off today and has asked me if I want to help him clean up the garage.:) Oh boy!! Yeah baby!LOL . This time of year he gets the itch to build something cause it's cooler.You have to understand what kind of task he is talking about.When my DD moved out a few years ago..we turned her room into a game room...complete with a small pool table..air hockey table..and all the cool things that go with designing that room as a game room.Posters ..cue stick holders..that DH moved back and guess where all those cool game things are? the garage...this is just the's another delima(probably mispelled..but you get my drift.:)) When DD moved out..she moved into an apartment and then into a double wide mobile home.She filled that home up with all the necessary items for making a house a home.When she came back did all her stuff she didn't want to get rid of ..just in case she moves out again...guess where that is? Right..the garage. We have a two car garage and one side is my DH's workshop..the other side is filled with all the game room stuff (in case she moves back out)...and all her stuff..(in case she moves back out). BTW..thanks honey for the garage door opener you got for I could pull the car into the garage without getting out.LOL A car hasn't seen the inside of that garage for years now.:) Oh well..things change..right?:) tell I want to help DH clean the garage today?LOL I will be cleaning the garage with Dh today.hehe

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