Saturday, October 06, 2007

Valjs QP 10-6-07

Here is the fifth page for our baby album....hope you like it.:) Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful comments you have left for me.I am so glad you like these pages.You are most welcome.:) Tomorrow you get the sixth one....with six cutouts.:) Some of you have tried them and are really happy with them.That makes me happy too.:)

Today I plan to clean my house and get some things sorted etc.Your typical Saturday where to go....everybody working..kinda day.:) I may just have time to put some pics in these pages.How cool!!:)

We got to talk to my FIL yesterday evening.It was soo good to be able to talk to him and hear him tell us how he is feeling.The stroke affected his eyes.He has "floaters" in them and sees things that aren't when walking down the driveway..he sees grass growing across the concrete..that isn't really there...hunting dogs coming out of his fireplace.He will see things and go to grab for it and it isn't there.Isn't that wierd? He jokes about it..but I am sure it messes with his mind.It would have to...that would be a hard thing to get use to.:( As far as physically..he is fine.His vital signs are good.A nurse will come to see him at his house..he will get "in home" care and therapy.He won't have to go to them..they will come to him.That will sure help my MIL..since she has scoliosis and osteoporosis and hurts all the time.:( I am soo thankful she has my SIL to help.:) Thank you so much Terry!!

Now..on to happier things....

Here's the freebie.LOL

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