Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tutorial for Photo Impact Users

I just came from
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  • blog and she has a tutorial (scroll down to Tuesdays entry) for removing a single object from a grouping of objects.You know..the way you get some of the alphas and objects all stuck together on the same page ??? (hmmmm I have those too.hehe) Some of you have trouble with that. I read a comment from one of the scrappers who said they use Photo Impact and they don't know how to do it in that program so they just pass up the alphas etc when they are like that.....well..I use that program (Photo Impact 11 ) and am gonna tell you how to do it.It is really easy too.:)

    Bring up the page of objects that are stuck together...then go to your "lasso" tool ( in the left side tool bar) and circle the item you want to take off of the page.Then click the arrow..on the side tool bar(at the top) and make sure the object is selected and has little "ants" running around it.Then right click on the object you just copy...then go to the page you want it on and .. click paste...whaaa laaa..there it is.:) If you have any problems with it..let me know...but it works for me.:)


    Valjs QP 10-4-07

    Here is another page for you.Hope you like it.:) If you have a page now with one cutout for a pic...(I thought that one would be great for the first page.).kinda introducing the baby....and then another page with two cutouts...then three...etc. I really had fun making these.:)

    Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments and well wishes you left me yesterday. I sure appreciate your taking the time to do that.Thank you for your prayers too for my FIL.:) We called again last night and talked to Jim's Mom and she said he still talks incoherently once in a while and has forgotten how to turn the tv ..microwave ...and computer on.:( It has to be frustrating for him I am sure. I looked up the after effects of a stroke and he is acting just like it said he would if he had had one.It said if you have had a stroke on the left side of your effects your speech and you may talk and nobody can understand what you are trying to say...and then you also can forget how to do simple tasks that you have done repeatedly for turning the tv on etc.He had lost the use of his right side for a that pretty much sounds like he had a stroke on the left side of his brain.
    Jim's Mom said she doesn't need us to come down there right now.She has Jim's sister to help her (she lives right next door to them) and she has been there almost all day since this happened.She comes immediately if they need anything.That is a great relief for us and them too.:) We are on stand by mode right if I will know why.

    We are going to my Mom's tonight for Chili...Mom is making a huge pot of it for supper.The whole family is invited.:)My brother and his family are up from Florida and got in last night.They are taking her back with them for a couple of weeks.They have their travel trailer all set up for her and her dog.:)She is excited about going.She lived down there for years and has friends there too she is anxious to see.:)I will miss our morning..afternoon and evening chats on messenger though.:( I know..I have to share.LOL

    If you would like to use this page too.....

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