Sunday, September 30, 2007

Valjs Swirly Designs Freebie

Some of you said you would like to have my swirly designs in a few different colors.There are eight swirls in the dwnld.I included the black one so you can play if you want.:) Hope you like these.They were done with different gel settings and textures.I saved them into individual pngs and psds.for you.:)

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments you left me for yesterdays QP.I am so glad you like it.You are most welcome.:)

We went to the fair and had a great time..until my ankle and my DH's back decided we had had enough.:) We got to go to a free concert with Chris Cagle.(country singer) That was pretty cool.:) The music was loud and so was the guy behind us that yelled so much and so loud that he started losing his voice...which didn't upset my DH much cause he was yelling in his ear to the point..I had to tear off a piece of tissue for him to stuff his ear with.LOL We left about three quarters of the way through because we knew we both had to get to the car before we couldn't walk any more.:) Robby (my youngest ..who's Bday is today..HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBBY!!!! had a great time too.He is off of work today and we are meeting for supper at the Outback Steakhouse.We all love their bloomin onion.:)

I will have pics of the fair and my choices for the "You make me smile award" just as soon as I get the time to do all that uploading etc.:) Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!!

If you would like to use these swirls...

Here is the link:
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