Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Valjs Medieval Castle QP

This is another request.Hope you like it Donna.:) I don't mind requests at problem is..if I have the know how and the time to do it.:) Sandie..I am working on another page to go with the one on 9-11.I don't mind at all doing another one for you.It actually lets me have an idea of what to do next.:) Plus..I am honored that you liked it so much that you want more like it.Anyone else interested in another one like 9-11 too?:)

If you find the photo opening too small on this one...just place your pic over the opening.:)

My Dh is off again today.No plans as of yet.:) Not much to tell either.But they say no news is good news.LOL So...I will get on with the freebie.....

Here it is:
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