Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Valjs Musical QP

This is really wierd...not the page..lol..but the story behind this page.I made this a few days ago..thinking of when I should put it up on here for you.Yesterday I mentioned that "Guest" had a request for a page and didn't let me know what it was.She mentioned it yesterday in her comment.One of them was something"musical"...so that answered my question.LOL Today we have music!:) Hope you like it!My Dh even said that it was wierd to have the page done..right before someone asked for it.LOL

Thank you ALL for the fantastic comments you left for me yesterday.I am sooo glad you are liking these pages.You are most welcome.:)

My son and his family were here again yesterday evening.I didn't get on the puter until after they left...so there was no time to design.I still have a couple of pages I made last week..so no worries.LOL Not much to tell today..so will get on with the freebie......

Here it is:
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  • Fixed Link:
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