Monday, September 17, 2007

Valjs QP 9-17-07

Here is another one for you. I left the two squares in the bottom blank so you can put what you want in them.Not sure how much journaling you can do look for a pic that says it all.LOL You can put two smaller pics inside the squares..or one smaller pic and decide.:) Hope you like this one too and will tell me so.:)

Thank you ALL for your fantastic comments on these..I am soo glad you like them.:) You are most welcome.!

I had a couple of requests.One I know about..Sandie..would like more pages like the one on 9-11. Another is from a Guest..who asked if I take requests...but didn't specify what she wanted.If I have the time I try to fulfill requests.But ...I don't promise anything..cause ..I forget sometimes.LOL So..keep looking and yours may just pop up on here.:)

My youngest son and his wife came over yesterday morning and we had a nice leasurely afternoon visiting with them.DH trimmed the hedges finally.I don't remember the name of the hedges..but they get these shoots that are like two foot tall....and just a few of they are getting more nutrients than the rest of the plant.LOL We got these because they grow so fast and wanted to fill in an area in a hurry.Well..they keep you busy too.:)

Today I have to get some groceries into the house.Somebody's gotta do it and I was elected.LOL I love the cooler weather we are having now.We were able to open the windows and doors yesterday and a nice cool breeze came flowing through the house.Can't wait for chili (soup) weather...and being able to use my oven without baking the rest of us.:) Anybody have a really good casserole recipe they would love to share with us? My Dh would like for me to make some.

Have a fantastic day!!

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