Friday, September 14, 2007

Valjs Girly QP

This is the first girly page I did.Hope you like bright pink.LOL I have had a lot of sitting down time this week...because of my back and you will be seeing a couple more like these.:)

Thank you ALL so much for your wonderful comments.I love reading them and finding out what you think of the pages..and what is going on in your life.If you leave here with a smile on your face..then I have accomplished what I set out to do.:) You are most welcome.!

My DH had yesterday off and we went looking for a mike for my Mom's computer.She didn't have one and I wanted to be able to talk to her on the internet...cause we took our landline phones out. Kept the dsl though.LOL We are using cell phones now but still wanted to be able to call without using our minutes.So we got a plan for about six dollars a month ..where we can call anyones landline phone over the internet and they can call us ..if we give them the number.You just do not know how wonderful it is to cook supper and watch a movie after supper without a gazillion telemarketers calling.Bliss!!:) And it's cheaper too...since we were getting cell phones anyway.hehe Anyway...after getting the mike ..we met Mom at an Asian buffet that just opened near us.That's what I need...a buffet closer to home.NOT!LOL Then we went to her house to install the mike for her and spent a little while visiting.This was for lunch...then our DD went with us to a Mexican restaurant for supper.(after seven o'clock last night.) I am spoiled rotten...and very full right now.LOL

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