Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Valjs Blue QP 9-7-07-2

Some of you wanted some more pages with the blue from yesterdays.I got as close to it as I could.:) The photo prongs and staples....I left loose so you can put your pics behind them.Be sure to add a shadow to them. Hope you like this one too.:)

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you left for me yesterday..I am sooo glad you like that page.You are most welcome.:)

I wanted to let you know that I am to the point of having no choice but to delete some of the pages from January.I will be doing that tomorrow...so be sure to grab the ones you want.:)

Not much to tell you today.I got my laundry done and did some light house work yesterday. I didn't get the chance to go see the chiropractor..but my DD is off today and if they can fit me in...I will go see him.:) Thank you all for your concern and well wishes.You're the best!!:)

If you would like to add this page to your collection....hehe...

Here it is:)

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  • Jimmys Birthday QP

    I wanted to show you what the page from yesterday looks like with pics.:) Pretend my son combed his hair and shaved.LOL He has such a sweet smile and is just as sweet as it is.:) That is my youngest Grand daughter (Destiny)helping him with his presents.hehe. Would you believe that pack of felt pins was thirteen dollars? Christy got that for him..he loves to draw.:) Of course he had to have some new xbox 360 games too...those were from his Dad and me.:)

    Thanks for looking.:)