Saturday, September 01, 2007

Valjs QP 8-31-07

I had a chance to play.:) Hope you like this one.It will work for either girl or boy.:)

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you left me for the paperclips.I am so glad you like them. You are most welcome.:)

Today I will be taking it easy.I did some heavy cleaning yesterday and my back is protesting.I have a nerve that is jumping in it and feels like any minute it can grab me but good.LOL But...I do feel good about the cleaning.I just walk in the room and turn the light on so I can look at my accomplishment.LOL It was my oldest son's room.hehe.He babysits my grand daughters when their parents have to work..then he has to work most evenings so he doesn't have time or the desire to keep it up.:) I had walked past it and asked him sooo many times to do something about it and yesterday I just couldn't walk past it again.After he left to go get the girls off of the school bus...I tackled his room.He doesn't even know it yet..cause he spent the night at their house cause the parents had to get up early this morning to go to work.I put all the papers that were laying around on shelves etc into a box for him to go through and everything else that was laying around is in a basket for him to go through.All he has to do is put his folded clothes into the proper drawers and go through the box and basket and his room is completely done.:)Whew!! I'm tired.LOL I showed Christy the room when she got in from work and she asked me if her room was gonna be done when she got in from work today.LOL NO WAY!! This girl could open a craft store with all the craft supplies she has.:) I think I will just close her door.LOL

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