Thursday, August 02, 2007

Valjs Gold Stick Pins

Here are some stick pins I made while playing with the push pins.Thought you may like to have them.:) If you like these..I have some more gold ones and when I get the time I will try to make some with some of the elements I have made.Time will tell don't hold me to it.LOL There is a shadow behind these so they will be more 3D (for the preview) but I think I went too
heavy with it when you add a shadow..go easy.It shows up too strong in the blank spaces.:)

Thank you ALL soo much for the wonderful comments you left me for the push pins yesterday.I am soo glad you like them.:) You are most welcome.!!

My Dh and I went to Pappadeus Seafood Restaurant for our Anniversary dinner last night and had a wonderful time.:) I ordered the seafood platter and my DH ordered a fish dinner.I can't remember the name of the fish though.They gave us so much that we brought some home with us.:) Then we ordered a White Chocolate Praline Cheesecake slice.We shared it.Believe me..there was plenty there for two.:) It had cinnamon sugared pecans all through the cheesecake and then as a decoration..a dollop of whipped cream and four cinnamon sugared pecans on top of that.It was drizzled with a cinnamon sugar carmelized sauce and my mouth is still watering from that.LOL They had live music that sounded like it was cajun (they had an accordion..pipe flute...and one of those washboard instruments that a man ran drum sticks up and down the guitars etc.) and people were dancing on the patio and we sat on a bench to watch them and listen to the music.Everyone seemed to be having fun. It was really a nice evening for us.:)

If you would like to use these stick pins....

Here is the link:
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