Saturday, July 28, 2007

Another Link Fixed.:)

I want to thank Lynne for letting me know that one of the links wasn't working.In the process of fixing the link..I noticed that the page was done before I started adding .png files to my there is a .png file for those of you who would have loved to have it and couldn't use it because it was .psd.:)How cool is that?LOL

It is the purple Valentines QP from January 4.So..just go to the side on January...scroll down to the 4th and dwnld the page in the usual way.:)I don't know what happened to the had disappeared from 4shared I had to make it all new.That has happened a few times from this same page.Someone out there must really like it.LOL

I won't have a new freebie today.I just got a call from my DIL and the family will be here in just over an hour and I have a gazillion things to do in the meantime.:)

For your info..the Merium Webster Dictionary added that word "gazillion" to it this year.If I am thinking of the right word.LOL

Have a wonderful day and hopefully I will have something new for you tomorrow.:)