Thursday, June 14, 2007

Conny's Anniversary today!!


Have a fantastic day!!


If any of you would like to wish Conny and her hubby a Happy Anniversary...her link is in my side bar.Tell her I said hi:)

Valjs Textured Paper 6-14-07

Here is another paper with the same texture as yesterdays.Be sure to click on the preview for a closer look.These little previews don't do it justice.:) Hope you like this one too.I have more in green...purple...yellow...just let me know if you want them.:)

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you left for me yesterday.I sure appreciate your taking the time to do that.... Sooo glad you like the paper.:)

We almost have the base coat of paint put on our porch.We worked as long as our arms and backs would let us yesterday.:) It is starting to look a lot least from the road.LOL I am trying not to think about us having to do all that over again with the final coat of paint.:) Wonder how long it will take get to it.LOL DH mentioned mowing the a couple more days.LOL

Have a fantastic day today!

If you would like to use this one....

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