Sunday, June 10, 2007

Link fixed.

I was made aware that the link to my Stitched Block Spring elements wasn't working..I am repairing it now..Try again Jan.:) Thanks for letting me know.
Also..I discovered that the png file wasn't working for the Spring QP.

Here are the links you won't have to go hunting:)
  • dwnldlink

  • Spring QP
  • dwnldlink

  • If any of you have a problem with a link not working..let me know on the blog comment will go to my email and alert me.If you tell me on the 4shared site...I may not get to it for a while.I don't go to the older ones that often.Thanks.

    Be sure to scroll down for todays freebie!!!


    Valjs Glassy Lavendar Paper

    Here's a lavendar paper with the same textures as yesterdays blue one.Be sure to click on the preview to get a closer view.This small preview doesn't do it justice. Hope you like it.:)
    Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you left for me on yesterdays paper.I am so glad some of you like it.:) You are most welcome. Enjoy!
    My son went downstairs to put a load of laundry in the washer yesterday and noticed water dripping from the top of the door frame...the laundry room is right below the kitchen...and I was running the my Dh took the panel off the front bottom of the dishwasher and saw it had been leaking.He looked up prices for pumps etc and found out that it would cost almost as much to repair it as to get a new I will be looking for another one today.We have lived here eleven years and it has worked fine until I am not upset...cept I have to do dishes by hand.Bummers!!LOL With four adults in the house we go through a lot of dishes.I no sooner clean the kitchen up and one of them will either get up and start rummaging for food or come home from work for lunch and make another is an endless cycle.LOL Soooo needless to say..I will look forward to todays shopping trip.:) Oh..I just remembered I did have to call an electrician to come out to fix it once when I couldn't get it to work....he pulled the bottom panel off and pushed the reset button..put the panel back on and took his check of sixty five dollars and left.LOL Did you know there was a reset button???I didn't.LOL
    If you would like to use this paper....
    Here is the link:
  • dwnldlink