Saturday, June 09, 2007

Valjs Glassy Blue Paper

Here's the glassy blue paper I used in yesterdays QP. Be sure to click on the preview for a closer view of the texture.The small preview doesn't do it justice. Lyn asked what program I used to make my is Photo Impact 11.I love it! For those of you who are learning to digi scrap..just play with your program..dig in there and see what you can do with it.I experiment a lot...wonder what this will do ...sometimes I don't like it..sometimes I am excited about what I just made.Just learn and try all kinds of things..even if you don't think it will does some amazing things if you let it.:) On this was a photo of white flowers first...then I used a texture on it to make the swirls...then I used a glassy texture to make it look like glass. I don't remember all of the steps..but if I tried I could probably do it again.LOL I have several ( not a lot) different glassy papers if you would like to see what I have done..and maybe use them.Just let me know and I will put some more on here.:) I have some using the "special effects"option too..they are a lot of fun.:)

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you left for me yesterday..I truly appreicate it.You made my day!:)

Not a lot going on today so far..but it's early yet.:) I slept in cause I had a rough night.Don't you hate those nights where you keep waking up off and on? Get up to go potty and then wide awake when you go back to bed...hmmm..I remind me of my Mother.hehe And what is with these new wrinkles on my hands??? I'm not getting older..getting wiser....okay...I guess I am getting older.LOL

Have a fantastic weekend!!

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