Thursday, June 07, 2007

Valjs Red,White,Black QP

Sticking with the red for now...I made this QP last year or so...and had shown it on here as a layout at the time..but don't think I offered it as a freebie then.Soooo...I thought..maybe some of you might like it and want to use it.Hope so anyway.LOL I was trying out my textures etc then and I thought it was kinda cute.:)

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you left for me on yesterdays red paper.I knew it was according to how many of you like that to how many would want it.hehe.I am happy some of you liked it.:)

My Dh and I called my Mom yesterday and asked if she wanted to go run around with the thrift stores etc. I don't think we made it to a thrift store though.LOL We went to her house to get her and we have to use her van whenever we take her with us..cause the transmission in our car went kaput.My Dh told her we could put a rocking chair in the bed of the truck if she wanted.LOL She got tickled about that and said she could wear a straw hat and put a corn cob pipe in her mouth.hehe. We picked her up and used her van instead.LOL We went to lunch at Sonny's barbeque...for lunch..the Dollar Tree...then walmart ...a computer store...Big Lots....Home Depot and then out to eat again at a Catfish restaurant we discovered was really good...then back to her house so my DH could help her with something on her computer.We didn't get back to our house until close to nine o'clock last night.Whew!! I was tired.:) had been a really nice day.Sooo..if you missed me yesterday..that is why..I wasn't here to come for a visit.:)

If you would like to use this Qp...

Here is the link:
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