Thursday, May 31, 2007

Valjs Stitched Block 9 Elements 3

Today we have photo,paper clips,brads and stars.I thought you could use the stars as brads if you wanted to have a different look..or put the stars on the top of the paper clips..or over the circle part of the photo prongs for a different look.Either way or both would be cute:)
For those of you who may not know how to make the paperclips look like they are clipped onto a page...just erase the part that would normally go behind the paper then line it up so that it is fitted evenly against the paper.KWIM? You can make the paperclip set at any angle and do the same and it will look as though it is clipped onto the page.:)

Thank you ALL for coming to see me and leaving me such wonderful comments.I truly appreciate your taking the time to do that.:)

My DH was off yesterday.After he and my son got finished mowing the yard and weed eating.My DH and I went to see the new Pirates movie.(my son had already seen it) We enjoyed it and some people even clapped when it was over.:) My Dh wouldn't tell me where he was taking me to supper.We pulled into Longhorns.:) I love their prime rib.But got their sirloin and shrimp scampie.I think I will go back to the prime rib.LOL The scampie was delicious but the sirloin was tough.That must be the cardboard the Doc was wanting me to eat.LOL Don't get upset with me..I only ate half of it.:) Back to my regular routine of rabbit food now.:)
Have a fantastic day today!!

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