Thursday, May 17, 2007

Valjs Stitched Block 8 elements-1

Here is the first set of elements for this paper.Hope you like them.:) There is just a slight difference in the colors of the stars...because the colors were so close to each other..this is the way they turned out.The top two has a shine on them and the bottom two don't have much of one.Be sure to check back every day for the next few days..cause there is more coming to this set.:)

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you leave for me.I LOVE to read make my day!!:) Sooo glad you like the kits I have been making for you....You are most welcome.:)

My DH mowed the yard yesterday.Yay!!!!! It rained shortly afterwards.A really nice one too.I won't have to water the plants for a week.:) There isn't much else to tell you.We spent my DH's day off relaxing.That is pretty much all the exciting news right now.LOL

If you would like to use this one....

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