Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Valjs Stitched Block 8 -leather

Here's the leather texture for this set.Hope you like it:)

Thank you ALL for your wonderful comments on this set of papers.I am sooo glad you like them.:) You are most welcome.:)

My DH is off today.:) We haven't made any plans yet...but the yard sure could use a mowing...hope he notices it.LOL Yesterday my youngest son and his wife and two youngest girls came over..and my other two kids were off from work.It was really nice to have them all here at the same time.They are all close to each others ages and get along great!:) They watched movies and played xbox and my grand daughters were able to take a nap and then play out back for a it was just a really pleasant day.:) How did your day go? I would love to read about it.:)

If you would like to use this one..

Here is the link:
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