Sunday, May 13, 2007

Valjs Mom Floral Wordart Buttons

Happy Mothers Day Everyone!!:)

I got up this morning and couldn't find a thing to give you for Mothers I put these together really fast.I didn't want you to come for a visit and not be able to take something with you when you left.:) I put the preview on a dark background so you could see how they might look on your pages.Hope you like them.:)

Thank you ALL soo much for the fantastic comments you left for me yesterday..I sure appreciate your taking the time to do that.I am sooo glad you liked the Mothers Day QP.:) You are most welcome.Enjoy!!

I need to remind you that I am taking the 2006 archives off of here on Tuesday.Be sure to check for any you may want before then.:)

We are planning a cookout at our home today.Some of us have to work so we will make it for the supper hour. ..I really hope you enjoy your day today. My DH took my Mom and me to Longhorns for our Mothers Day present last night.A cookout today too with family gathered around...what more could I ask ? I am sooo blessed!!!:)

I know these buttons aren't fancy...but if you would like to use them.....

Here is the link:

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