Friday, May 11, 2007

Valjs Pink and Purple Brushed QP

Here is another Qp I have had sitting in the hard drive for a while.I love brushed backgrounds. They are soo soft and pretty.I hope you like this one too.:) Sorry for all of you who have boys.I will try to work on that...since I have Grand Daughters and no Grand Sons..I tend to do girls pages more.Makes sense to me.LOL

Thank you ALL for your wonderful comments from yesterdays glad you like it.:)You are most welcome.:) Enjoy!

Yesterday was more relaxing than anything.We went out to Cici's for pizza.I haven't tasted anything that was soo good.I have been eating lettuce until I am starting to look like a rabbit.LOL.As of yesterday I have lost 13 lbs.That was before Cici's.LOL. Actually..I got a salad and then only ate the main part of my pizza..left the crust..which is one of my favorite parts of a pizza.:) But I did have to have a piece of their cheesy I am back to rabbit food.LOL I refuse to eat cardboard.That is for scrapping.LOL. I hope you all have a fantastic day today and a wonderful weekend.:)

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