Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Links Coming Down

I have just been informed that some of the pages in my archives have lost their links again.I am going to be simplifying my life ..because I don't have the time to keep up with which link is working and which isn't working.So..as of Tuesday of next week.All of the designs I did in 2006..will be removed.So please..if you want any of them ..now would be a good time to get them.If a link isn't working ..let me know on the newest post..(not on the blog for that page..I may not see it there)...and I will try to fix it this one last time.:) There are over 150 freebies on this blog and I am only one person.LOL If you look at the archive list on the right column of this blog..there are still plenty of freebies left from this year.:)
I knew this day would come...and here it is.:)


Valjs Flower Polaroid Frame 6

Anyone like red roses??:) Here is another polaroid frame for you.I used another fill from Photo Impact 11. Hope you like it:)

Thank you ALL soo much for the fantastic comments you leave for me.I truly appreciate your taking the time to do that.You are soo sweet.:)

I started washing windows yesterday.To get the pollen off of them.I haven't gotten all of them..mainly because I don't do ladders.hehe.If you saw my house in the pictures recently(scroll down)..you will notice the living room and front bedroom windows are a little high.:) That picture doesn't show the right side of the front of the house.That is my Son's room and he has double windows too.He's tall ..but not THAT tall.LOL SO....I will keep doing the inside of the windows and wait for someone else..hmmm DH???? to get to the outside of those...after he finishes painting the front porch...finishing the pantry..fixing the pond in the back yard...etc.Oh well..it was a thought.LOL

I hope you ALL have a fantastic day today.:) You deserve it!

If you would like to use this frame...
Here is the link:
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