Friday, May 04, 2007

Link Fixed :)

Those of you who weren't able to get the Stitched Block 4 Frame..the link is working now.:) least it was a couple of minutes ago.LOL

Thank you anonymous for letting me know:)There is a lot to keep up with on a blog that never deletes the freebies unless 4 shared gets too full..I need your eyes too.:)

Thanks again...


Photos of my yard

Some of you wanted to see my yard that I was telling you here are the front yard pics..tomorrow I will show you the back yard.:) This is the view from my front porch.I can see the storms coming across the top of the trees..I love it when the sky lights up with lightning.It is soo coool!!:) You can watch the storm coming right at you..... Then if it gets too close..we always have the basement.LOL
This is looking down from my front hubby is in the process of painting the railing on it.:) We need new pinestraw and pine chips for this area..It will look a lot better after that is done.We used the rocks they had to dig out to make the pond..there were a lot of them too.:)

My hubby ran a hose from the pump in the pond just behind this set of rocks and placed them so it would look natural.So this runs all the time...The pump pumps the water to the top of this little hill (behind the rocks)and the stream makes it flow back into the pond....thus..constantly running water.:) Cool huh?

I can't get use to how to put these photos on blogger and they stay in the order I had planned for them to.LOL..Anyway...this is what you see when you walk up the driveway and take the stairs up to my front door.:) It is a small pond my hubby and my youngest son dug out and made several years ago.It has a stream too..which you probably saw since these aren't going in the order I wanted them to.LOL are the photos of my yard.Please keep in mind..we live in Ga. and have the red clay everywhere.:) This is before we have started any work on the yard except for my Dh and Ds mowing it the other day and moving an azalea bush from the mailbox in the front the back yard.:) My DH used the weed eater on the leriope ( sprigs of grassy plants)that go around the edge of this flower bed.They get rough looking during the winter and if you cut them back they come up really pretty again.:) So..this is kinda rough looking right the frost got to the bushes in front of the maple tree and all those beautiful bright pink flowers all over them..turned rusty and wilted.:( The junipers are huge. I bet they are wider than both of my arms outstretched.:)There is always a car or two in the driveway..cause there are four adults living here(My two adult kids and my dh and me and we each have our own vehicle.The red one ..that you see the bumper of is my DS's red mustang..he is soo proud of that car.LOL

Hope you enjoyed your tour of my front yard.:)
Have a fantastic day and don't forget to scroll down to get the freebie frame for today:)

Valjs Flower Polaroid Frame 2

Here is another flower polaroid frame...I made this using one of the fill choices in my Photo Impact 11 paint program.They get the credit for the flowers in the background.:) I thought this would look good on some of those summery pages.:) Duplicate it and rotate it horizontally and you can have matching photo frames on the same page.:) Hmmm..not a bad idea for a QP eh?LOL Hope you like this one too.:)
Thank you all for the wonderful comments you left for me yesterday.I sure appreciate your taking the time to do that.:)
I wanted to let you know that the woman who received Christy's doll in the swap...absolutely loved it.:) She said Christy had wrapped it so good that she could tell that she did it lovingly...and it took her a long time to get it unwrapped.hehe..She took a picture of it and put it up in their forum and almost half of that page was smileys..etc.:) I don't think she liked it very you?LOL Christy hasn't received her swap yet.I will take a pic and show you when she does get it.:)
Barb(Mrs.Miles) I will put pics of my yard up when I get them off of the camera and into the puter where I can use them.LOL It's nothing fancy..but we like it.:)

If you would like to use this frame....

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