Thursday, May 03, 2007

Valjs Flower Polaroid Frame-purple

Here is the first flower polaroid frame.I made this with one of the papers I have made.I thought since I put a blue one up yesterday and blue is considered for boys mostly..that I would put a purple one up for girls...although I have some pretty flower blue ones too and girls like blue too.:) Let me know if you like this design and if you do... I will post more this week.:) I don't want to wear you out with these.:) There is room on them for journaling too....or at least a title.:) Let me know when you are tired of these frames.:)
I finally got most of my laundry done.I never get it all caught up..but I am sooo close to it..:) My DH and DS mowed the yard and moved one of my azalea bushes to the back yard yesterday.Something I have been wanting done for a longgg time.:) We tried gardenia bushes..I LOVE gardenias..something that grows really well in Florida...but not so much in Georgia.They don't take the cold very well.:( I had a small house when we first got married...and it had gardenia bushes all around it.I loved opening the windows when they were in bloom.You sure didn't need scented candles then.:) Oh well..they will have to remain in my memories.:)
Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you left for Christy and me yesterday.I sure appreciate your taking the time to do that.Christy is working on her web page and it is under when she gets it finished I will put a link to it on here.Probably in my side bar.:)
Grambie..I hope your hand gets better soon ....I have tendonitus in my left wrist.When it flares really limits me...but resting it seems to help some. do your teenagers feel about coming to Georgia and doing my laundry?LOL
If you would like to use this frame...
Here is the link:

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