Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Valjs Funky Doodle Frames Set 1

I am going to start giving away some of the things I have created during this past year. This is a set of doodle frames.All you have to do is edit and fill them with the color or paper of your choice and place them on or around your photos or journaling.I think they will be cute.No..I haven't tried them yet.You are my guinea pigs.LOL Let me know if you like these cause I have a few more if you want them.:)
Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you left for me on yesterdays QP.I am soo glad you like it. You are most welcome...enjoy!:)
I had a pleasant day yesterday.My DH and DD and I went out to lunch and to the computer stores.That is our "Place to go" on my DH's day off. I think he would pack up and move in if they would let him.LOL Just kidding.I wouldn't want to move and he wouldn't go without me.hehe. My DD and I were about to remove him forcefully when he finally decided he had seen enough.LOL
I left this preview up but corrected the glitch..I had one of the frames too far over to the left.Everything should be fine now.:)

If you would like to try these frames....

Here is the link:
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