Monday, April 16, 2007

Valjs Stitched Block 3 Alpha

Here is an alpha I made yesterday with the paper from this set.I am not sure how it will look on the papers so I am just saying it is an alpha..not necessarily for this kit.:) I just thought it would look cute:) What do you think? There are psd and png files in the same folder. Hope you like it.:)
Thank you so much for the wonderful comments you have left for me on this kit.I truly do appreciate each and every one.:)
My Dh was off yesterday and we went out to lunch and to the grocery store.We were getting low on supplies.:) I love to have him come with me I can get foods he likes too.He wanted to try frozen squash last talk about eating cardboard..that would be that.ewww LOL .The cost of groceries these days is outrageous. Am I the only one to think that? Just thought I would give us something to discuss.LOL
If you would like to use this alpha....
Here is the link:

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