Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Christy's Man Fairy

Here is my DD's latest doll.It is a man fairy.:) She wanted to show strength and weakness.The strength of the man ( just look at those muscles) and the weakness of the baby(how sweet). I LOVE it! This one she is going to try to sell.She has sold four of her dolls so far.I wish you could see this in person because there is soo much detail that the picture just doesn't show as well.For a better on the pic and it will take you to another window with a little bigger picture.(at least it did on the last one). :)
If you like this one..please leave Christy a comment.She would love your opinion of it.:) Thank you soo much.:)
Be sure to scroll down for todays set of 2

Valjs Stitched Block 3 Elements 2

Here is the second set of elements for this kit.They are the glassy ones.Hope you like them.:)

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you leave for me.I sure do appreciate your taking the time to do that.I am soooo glad you like this kit.:)

The whole family was off yesterday that Spring cleaning I told you about...didn't get done.We went shopping and out to lunch.:) That sure was more fun than cleaning.LOL My DH and DS mowed the yard and trimmed hedges when we got back.It sure looks good out there again.:) My DH grilled some chicken breasts while weeding etc. Can I call that Spring cleaning too?LOL

If you would like to use this set of elements....

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