Thursday, March 29, 2007

Valjs Stitched Block Purple Kit Elements + Paper

Here are the elements,flowers and plain paper for this purple kit.Hope you like them.:) If I feel up to it today..I will make photo mats for tomorrow.
I wanted to thank you ALL for your wonderful support for what I am going through.Yesterday was a bit rough.Even a little nauseated..but that passed.I had taken all the medications for the first time and told my DH that I felt like I had been drugged.He said "You have been" LOL. After the blood pressure pill..I felt like I could sleep for a week.LOL But I will have you know..that I didn't have any heart palpitations yesterday...and I couldn't feel my pulse beating unless I checked it.Yea!!! :) I checked my sugar before bedtime and it had come down quite a bit.I was surprised that it would do that so fast.:) My Dh went to get a few things we needed and when he came home..he layed a whole bunch of diabetes recipe books on my lap.He had stopped at the library and the librarian had helped him find what he needed.The whole family seems to be wanting to get involved now.My dd said it would be nice to try new things to DH said he will go on the diet with me cause he needs to lose weight too. So I guess my Son will have to eat what is put before him.LOL Hopefully I will be able to keep this interesting enough for us all to stay on it.:) Thank you soooo much for your prayers and advice and support.It is truly appreciated.:)
Okay..on to the freebies.I did the best I could with these...I kept trying to fall asleep yesterday while sitting at the computer.:) If something is wrong..just let me know..and when I wake up...I will fix it.LOL
The flower dwnld has both sets of flowers ..both in png and psd.

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  • Elements:
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  • Plain Paper:

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