Friday, March 09, 2007

Doodles without a wacom pad.

Some of you are aware of this and some aren't.This is for those of you who didn't know this....
I know there are soo many of you who are just itching to be able to doodle and don't have a wacom pad to do that with .A mouse is soo difficult to control when here is what you can do until you get that long awaited drawing pad.:)
I have a suggestion of how you can doodle and have a ball without using the mouse to do it....wanna know?LOL Do like I did before I got my wacom pad...Get a sharpy felt marker pen..(black)and a piece of printer paper..doodle away on that paper..then scan it to your paint program..crop out the at a time and then use the magic wand to make an object out of it...then edit and fill it with the doodle is sharper looking and all the white edges are gone.You can color these any color by editing and filling with your color choice.Have fun!


Valjs Stitched Block QP 2

Here is the QP finally.:) dwnld site was off line this morning and by the time it came back was time for me to cook breakfast and get my dh off to work.I guess the saying's better late than never may apply to today.:)
I left the elements on this page loose..including the mat.Just in case you want to move them around and place them differently.:) Hope you like it.Be sure to add shadows to the elements..for some reason..when I save them to psd..the shadows disappear.The shadows stayed on the mat and belt.Go figure.LOL
Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you have left for me.I love each and every one of them.:)

If you would like to use this one.....

Here's the link:
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  • I corrected the added the png files for those of you who can't use psd.The size is still the older sizes I used before April 2008.

    Fixed Link:
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