Friday, March 02, 2007

Valjs Lacy QP

Here is another one for your basket full.:) Hope you like it.

Thank you ALL for your comments on my doodle paper from yesterday.Sooo glad you liked it.:)

We had a house full last night.The whole family was here...including my youngest son and his family and his wifes sister.My sons played xbox 360 on the big screen in the living room and my Grand daughters sat at the dining room table drawing with the colored pencils. My DIL and her sister and I watched "Flika" on the tv in my bedroom.We stretched out across my bed.(It is a nice movie but a little predictable).Your typical..find a mustang..Dad sells it ..go get it back kind of movie.:) My DH was at his puter...and my daughter hid in her room playing with her polymer clay.LOL All this while it was storming outside.You could hear the rain beating against the windows.Thank the Lord the electricity didn't go off.:) What kind of evening did you have? is your dwnld link LOL :
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