Sunday, November 11, 2007

Valjs Christmas Wreath QP 2 now with png

Would you believe I just did fill this page last night?LOL I have had all these Christmas pages in my hard drive just sitting there...and the last month or so..have been filling them.I didn't know what I was missing...but now I have several 8x8 albums filled.I bought several albums from Big Lots a couple of weeks ago.Nice ones too..for only five dollars a piece.I just can't see paying big bucks for something I can get for a few dollars.They have the page covers too.I sound like a commercial....Come to a Big Lots near you!!LOL

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you have left for me on these Christmas pages.I only have a couple of the ones from last year left and then I have one I have been sooo waiting to put up for this year.I LOVE it and I hope you will too.:) Nope..not telling.You'll have to come back in a few days to see for yourself.:)

My Dh is off today.He asked me what I wanted to do and I have no idea.I told him it was his day off so we should do what he wants.:) I hope Christmas shopping fits into his plans sometime soon cause I haven't got the first one yet.Have any of you started shopping for Christmas yet? When do you put your tree up? We do it on Thanksgiving evening when the whole family is together after dinner.:) I would love some feedback from you all ..I love reading your makes for a closer friendship when we can share our thoughts and feelings.:)

Oh..forgot to tell you...I flipped the page for this one...instead of the pic.When you open the files..the wreaths will be on the right.I am funny...sometimes when you flip a pic to make it look right in the page..then the pic doesn't look I just flip the page.LOL I think my Mama is soo pretty..she was seventy five years old in this pic.Yes she was!!:)She is seventy eight now and just as pretty.:) I have always spelled Mama like if it is has always been wrong and will be from now on..I am gonna be fifty four in January and have been doing it this way for too long.LOL

If you would like to use this one...

Here is the link:
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    Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

    Making a quick stop!!! LOL
    Hope you get some shopping done I've got a little but decide on getting my neice's & nephew's gift cards from WalMart!!
    TY so very much for todays redo QP!!!!
    Your Mom is Beautiful!!!!!

    Leslie and the boyz! said...

    Beautiful photo.. Wow.. your mother is so very young. I don't think the number match up.. they must have messed up on the birth certificate:) she was definitely born in the 60's.. :) Great pages.. and I know I am getting horrible about getting around to see my friends. :) I will make it up to you I promise:) HUGS!!! and the boys are doing good.. Rambunctious. LOL and all the over the place but we are all doing fine LOL :) Well Its about 10 here.. and the oldest one is still in his room playing xbox I think.. I need to get him out and feed him breakfast LOL some days he will never come out of that room.. and then its school time before you know it. LOL HUGS:) and thank you so much for leaving me some love:) HUGS!! :)

    Jody said...

    This is a beautiful layout - your Mama is a beauty. I am 5 years younger than her and can't say I look that good!

    Sandie said...

    What a beautiful photo of your Mama! I've always spelled it the same way too!!
    We always put our tree & decorations up the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It's always been a tradition in our family. I haven't gotten any shopping done yet~ no $$ to do it with yet!! I guess it will be crunch time this year!
    BTW, I always shop at Big Lots for what I can also!! Being on disability doesn't leave much left over for 'extras', so when I can save a buck I certainly do!!
    Have a great day with the hubby, and thank you so much for another great page!!

    Robbi1 said...

    I agree with Sandie, your Mama is beautiful...and yes, my oldest dd calls me Mama too, so thats the only way I've seen it also! The Kids put up their tree before Thanksgiving. Since it will be at Michaele's this year, she will probably start decorating like tomorrow! (and have the whole inside and outside done by Thanksgiving) Christmas as Moms (my) house! I will put the tree up after Thanksgiving, probably with dh and the cats...they love to play with the strands of lights and beads, the cats that!
    I try and shop during the year, but always seem to have some for the big crunch. Think with all the scares for Toys this year the kids will all get Books, Clothes, or gift certificates, thank goodness they are old enough not to need toys anymore! Thanks for stopping by and leavin me some lovin....poor Xashee(Shirley) her poor eye, OMG I hope it clears up soon) Take care and have a great week now :) Big Hugs

    Hummie said...

    what a nice way to remember "mom"....all bright and cheery layout.

    Mrs. Miles said...

    Dear Gracious... Christmas... Shopping? Ack, NO gurl. Not. Not not notnotnot. Ok, now I'm stressing - haha. Nah, it always works out for me... even if I just plug away here and there... tree? TREE? well you've got to be talking fake-thing cuz a real live one would have to be cloned several times over to make it that long. Yikes VJ, I'll let you know when its even a thought in my head. Ok, so if we got SNOW then my thoughts might be travelling in that direction - LOL!

    So dying here to know what you and DH did with yourselves today.

    Your layout with your mom was a nice personal touch to your blog - like you sharing your family with us! Keep up the terrific designing!

    hugs to you,

    Maria said...

    Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

    Angelsdigiscrap said...

    GM Val,
    I'm sorry it has taken me awhile to get back over here. I had 3 kits due in 2 wks! LOL. So I've been working triple hard to get them done and never enough time in a day to do anything else. Lillie is keeping me on my toes these days, as she's 17 months old now and is a busy bee!! I can't believe how many x-mas pages you have up!! You go girlie!! Love that page you did of your mom! She looks so young! ( I mean that in a good way! LOL. ) Well, I must get busy before Lillie starts getting into everything. Take care and TTYS.

    Ruth said...

    Thanks for another great page. Your Mama looks beautiful on the page lucky you are to still have her. I lost mine 2 years ago and I will miss her always. Hope you got your christmas shopping "started"...I'm almost done!!! I like the Big Lots tip, I'll have to check mine out. Do you print your own 8x8 pages or do you have them printed somewhere. Any suggestions on a reasonable place to have that size printed?

    Thanks againg for the beautiful pages.

    VJ's Scrap Room said...

    I print my own pages out.You can do it through your paint program or if you have can right click on your finished QP once you have it saved to a file and preview it and then print it out from there.There is a print option on the bottom of that preview window.:) I just to page in the preferences and pretty much hit next until it says finish and it prints out for me.I am really pleased with the results I get.I use photo paper that I get from Staples ..cause they are the least expensive I have found so far.:) I have never felt the need to have anyone else print my pages out.I guess if I wanted them in 12"x12" it would be a different story.:)Not sure about where to get them printed at a reasonable price.I haven't looked into it.
    Soo sorry you lost your Mom.I lost my Dad six years ago Aug.9th.But now we mostly remember the good times we had and the things he said and did that stay with you the rest of your life.:)
    Thank you for the wonderful comments you leave for me.I sooo appreciate your taking the time to do that.:)