Saturday, November 17, 2007

Valjs Christmas Toys QP

Here's one I made a couple of weeks ago. It's the last Christmas QP I have until I am able to do some more.I do have some cute frames I will be posting starting Monday.I am gonna leave this one up for the weekend. Hope you like it.:)

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you left me on the Winter Desktop.I am so glad you like it.I had fun making that one too.:)You are most welcome.!!

I am going to be taking it easy on here for the weekend.It seems to have helped some to back off a little.My eye has stopped pulling and just feels tired now.That's a good thing.:) Actually...I was able to get some cleaning done...some of that stuff you don't get to all the waxing the wood floor in the foyer and getting on your hands and knees and scrubbing the kitchen floor...and baseboards. That's a different kind of tedious work.LOL I mop but sometimes it is hard to get down on the floor and scrub around the edges.My back and foot don't like it one bit!!LOL But I can't get Jim to do it.hehe.I want to do the other baseboards today...and the mini blinds in the kitchen.Monday my eye will feel better but I won't be able to use my arm.LOL

Have a wonderful weekend!!

If you would like to use this one....

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    Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

    Your Lucky girl I was ready to leash my terror on you for not resting your eyes until I read it was one you had leftover!!! LOL
    LOVE IT!!!!!!!
    TY so very much!!!!!!!
    I need to shampoo my rugs but cant due to a old metal bed frame sitting in the Livingroom for 2 months still waiting for my son to take it out of the house!!!
    Maybe I'll get lucky and he will get a buddie to help him this weekend!!!!

    Leslie and the boyz! said...

    HI VAL!! :) i know I know.. I have been busy.. not new news... but it was bound to happen.. having a tad bit of burn out too and so I have been spending more time with the boys. They like some more time with mom.. :) Just wanted to stop by and let you know what was going on:) I love all the QP's.. :) Awesome job!! Well I have to go turn on the heat.. its pretty cool this morning. But then its sooo hot in the afternoon. LOL I do not like that part about nebraska. LOL Heat at nite A/C in the afternoon. Talk to you later!!! HUGS!! OH and PLEASE do not get hurt when you cleaning. we like to see our Val and read her posts.. :)

    katg1006 said...

    Hi Val ((hugs)) Wow that's great to be able to get the floors down like that. I agree even though I mop it's just not clean unless I hand scrub it and ugh is that hard! I hope you are taking care of yourself! I have some new family pics up on the blog if you want to stop by :-) Have a fabulous weekend!

    katg1006 said...

    Hi Val ((hugs)) just me again *LOL* So glad you stopped by!
    So funny that you mentioned doing a Nick through the years in ornaments...I was going to do it in a coaster book, but never thought to put them on the tree as ornaments!! What a fabulous idea :-) I will do each Christmas I think! Thanks for the tip!!!

    Our leaves are changing colors very late! By now they would have dropped and the trees would be bare, but with the crazy weather things are quite the normal. I am so glad I got out today...before it snows tomorrow :-) Talk to you soon!

    - Kat

    aquascrap said...

    Ugh.....I know I would rather be designing (that's if I had the talent) than be cleaning, but unfortunaltely that's one of the mundane jobs that has to be done from time to time. Once it used to take me a day to go througn my I do it over 4 I contracted this scrapbooking bug LOL Thankyou for all your wonderful QP's.....they are the best.

    Saab said...

    Hi Val, Re your comment....Now go straight to bed and get off that stupid PC not good for your eyes this late at night *lol* I saw your comment on Kat's Blog about the tags, I love that idea so wish I had done that with my kids. I might actually go through old photos to see what I can find of my kids, imagine when they have cool for them to see their parents at christmas the same age :-)

    Saab said...

    ROTFL my eyes must be playing up also I just had to enter the verification code five times!

    Maria said...

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    Robbi1 said...

    Glad your eye is feeling a bit better, just dont strain it...Im no one to talk -I push it too! Oh boy do I remember the old days and the linoleum floors...I'd have to get on my hands and knees and scrub and scrub and then put the Johnson's paste wax on and let it dry and then get the buffer out ant buff it all - YUCK...glad we have tile and carpet now! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Val, busy here from today we all are I'm have a great week. Big Hugs!

    jill said...

    Val, this is SO cute. Thanks!