Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Valjs Christmas Frame with Lights

Here is another frame..this time with Christmas Lights.The background paper is just on the the frame will show up better.It's not included in the file...hope you like this one too.:) BTW...some of you are thinking this is a's's a frame...but you got me thinking.LOL

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you left me for yesterdays frame.I am soo glad you like it.You are most welcome!:)

My DH is going into the store for a while this morning and then he is coming back home and we are going Christmas shopping and pick up a few things for tomorrows dinner at my youngest son's home.You would not believe the stress relief just knowing I am not hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year.(I am doing Christmas).I am getting older and less able to do all that standing and bending with my bad foot and it sure is a huge help to have someone else do one of the Holiday meals.:) Plus..I think my DIL is really looking forward to it.:)

My DD is soo sick and she still goes to work.She missed one day when she had fever.But she really needs to be she has larangitus...her eyes look glassy and her throat is sore.She needs to be in bed...but she is thirty years old now and Mom doesn't know much.:)Kids!gotta love em!!hehe

If you would like to use this one.....

Here is the link:
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    Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

    Love the lights on this frame!!!!!!
    TY so very much Sweety!!!!!!

    Val I did go to school to become a LPN but ended up quiting with only 4 months to go because I was so tired of the Director always on my case about my grades she thought that they should of been better because I had expericence as a aide & votech for medical expercience in my last year of high school!!
    I was 6th in my class & than to find out years later her husband got transfer to Calif.!!!! LOL
    Anyway I could of gone back but I loved the one on one with the patients!!!!!
    I went back & 10 years ago & got Certifed as a nurse's aide only to find out its not like it use to be!!!!
    Because of all the new laws & medical insuranse there now is alot of paper work for even the aides & being short of help all the time you don't have much time to spend with your patient oops now they are called residents or clients!!!

    Mrs. Miles said...

    I am praying for dd Valinda... poor gurl! I hope you have fun Christmas shopping and you get inspired! Well, you ARE inspired, looking at your drop-dead gorgeous QP! Thanks for sharing, and I'll look for ya later.


    Maria said...

    Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

    Phoebe said...

    This frame is so cool, or kewl as my grandkids would say.. thank you so much. I have a redheaded ruffian who will look great in this frame :)