Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tutorial for Photo Impact Users

I just came from
  • KimB's
  • blog and she has a tutorial (scroll down to Tuesdays entry) for removing a single object from a grouping of objects.You know..the way you get some of the alphas and objects all stuck together on the same page ??? (hmmmm I have those too.hehe) Some of you have trouble with that. I read a comment from one of the scrappers who said they use Photo Impact and they don't know how to do it in that program so they just pass up the alphas etc when they are like that.....well..I use that program (Photo Impact 11 ) and am gonna tell you how to do it.It is really easy too.:)

    Bring up the page of objects that are stuck together...then go to your "lasso" tool ( in the left side tool bar) and circle the item you want to take off of the page.Then click the arrow..on the side tool bar(at the top) and make sure the object is selected and has little "ants" running around it.Then right click on the object you just copy...then go to the page you want it on and .. click paste...whaaa laaa..there it is.:) If you have any problems with it..let me know...but it works for me.:)



    jburkhart said...

    Hi Val!
    Happy October! Can you believe how fast this year is going, seem like it was just January the other day! Yikes! How have you been lately? We have all been was the end of the month/beginning of the month hectic things are back to normal and calm for a few! Mom and Dad were over this weekend and Dad entered his hot rod car into the car show here in town - he won the Mayor's Choice trophy! Yay for him! My dh has been working lots and oldest has been doing great in school and playing well on her Volleyball team! Kori's big old goose egg is finally gone and she keep me on my toes always! Me...lots of here and there and everywhere in bewteen! I have missed my computer time very much and missed stopping in to say hello! Gonna go and see what you have been up to lately!
    Big hugs and thanks for all your lovely comments and for visiting my blog!

    Carole N. said...

    I was so surprised to read that you use Photo Impact. I do too. It seems most use Photo Shop and I feel like the odd man out so I am always thrilled to read that someone else uses it. LOL

    I have so enjoyed your blog and your beautiful freebies.
    Thanks for sharing your time and talent.