Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Christy's Cookies for work

Remember I told you that Christy(DD) was gonna bake cookies for an office party? Well..she took pics of them and has them on her blog...along with her new Mermaid go check them out and please leave her some comments.Those cookies are soo cute..well..if you like chopped off fingers and toes..and mice.LOL let us know what you think.:) If you are interested in how she did them..I am sure she won't mind telling you.... Just ask her.:)

Oh...and be sure to scroll down for todays freebies from me!!:)

Here is the link to her blog:
  • Christy's Creations

    Leslie and the boyz! said...

    Beautiful pages! :) and I remember some of these last year.. but I Really never started scrapping Really till January.. so I never got to play with these :) I stopped at christy's and left some love. :) I am sure she will be a hit with those Awesome goodies. LOL :) going trick or treating and I Curtis' birthday is Friday so part of his Bday Present I got him one of those really cute Pirate costumes.. But I am afraid he is going to be cold.. have to find some long johns or sweat pants to wear under it LOL But the little ones.. I am thinking something easy.. Like... I have some burlap and could wrap one of them in it and call them a sack of spuds. LOL and a white sheet for a ghost.. LOL I am trying to think What I can put over their clothes and keep em warm!! :) I will have to decide later I suppose when I find the material. LOL Okay its a long day and I am only wishing I could get a nap already but that is more than likely out of the question LOL.. HUGS!!!! See you later:) Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment:) means alot to me:)
    Loveies and Hugs:)

    Josie said...

    Thanks for all the wonderful Christmas pages!