Monday, September 24, 2007

Valjs QP 9-24-07

Here's another Qp that was requested.More musical ones..:) Hope you like took me a while to come up with something this morning.:)

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you left me for yesterday's.I am soo glad you like it...You are most welcome.:)

Thank you Barb (Mrs.Miles) for the wonderful "You make me smile award" . I am so happy you have picked me as one of your choices.:) I will come back and post about it.:) Soo cool! I love to make people laugh and smile.

I have decided I am taking a couple of days off..I need to rest my eyes and brain.LOL Actually...there is a lot to do around the house that I have been neglecting this week...and if I don't want to get fired..I had better get with it.LOL See ya when I get back:)


If you would like to use this one...

Here is the link:
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    Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
    TY so very much Val!!!
    Enjoy your time off and do try to get some rest in between the cleaning!!!!

    katg1006 said...

    Good morning Val!! ((hugs)) Thanks so much for visiting me it was nice to she your comment this morning :) I am so glad you are taking a break - even though it is for cleaning ;-) We all need those every now and again :-) See ya when you get back! Your new QP is fabulous...thanks so much for sharing it with everyone!

    Jody said...

    Perfect! My granddaughters favourite colour.

    Whie you are taking time off (cleaning isn't exactly time off though is it?) I will see if I can get some QPs done while you are of. You see, I need you to take a break just so I can get caught up! I know all I have to do is plunk a photo on the page but somehow it takes me a few days to get it done! Have to choose just the right photo you know. LOL

    Don't forget to put your feet up and just do nothing along the way!

    Hugs to you.

    ConnyB said...

    Val, this new QP is lovely! The notes are awesome, thank you so much!
    I hope you will get your rest the next days, just relax :)
    I´m not very chatty right now - but wanted to stop by and see what you´ve been doing and give you a
    BIG HUG,

    Trisha said...

    Thank you for another wonderul qp Val!

    Maria said...

    Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

    Mrs. Miles said...

    I am sure people will just eat these right up, Valinda! I have not seen too many musical ones? I hope you put your feet up a bit today, besides getting caught up on up on those little tasks that have been waiting for you. You and me both gurl.. but I'm going for a nice walk with my friend instead. ha! ttysoon


    Sharon Kay said...

    I love the opening of the large creative! Thank you... this will be great to use with those "school musical program" pics.

    MemoryKeeper said...

    I totally love your site after learning of it yesterday! I've added to my favorites, and can't wait to see what you've cooked up! Love your pages! Very creative, and makes my life so much easier! Thanks for everything!