Friday, September 07, 2007

Valjs QP 9-2-07 3

Here's the third QP to this set.Hope you like it too.:)

Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful comments you left me for yesterdays QP. I am so glad you like it.You are most welcome.:)

We had a wonderful Bday party for my son last night.We had a house full.I fixed taco salad instead of the lasagna because it is just way too hot to turn the oven on for that takes the house forever to cool off afterwards.Especially when it is full of people.:) All my kids were here.Which is wonderful when that happens... my DIL and her grandkids...Mom..sister and BIL ...and my dd's boyfriend...oh...can't forget the dog and cat.LOL Christy was able to work through lunch so she could get off when my son went to get his new tire put on his car..he picked her up and they went to get her car back from the garage.(not where he got his tire)...then got back here right as dinner was starting.... Great timing huh?:)

If you would like to use this one too...

Here is the link:
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    myscrapbook said...

    beautiful qps.tfs

    Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

    So glad you all had a great time & now you can sit & recoupe a little!!! LOL
    TY for another of your awesome QP's!!!!

    genie said...

    I am just loving these qps. My daughter's favourite colour is red and I plan to use them on a series for her.

    Glad to hear the birthday party went off so well. Can't have a party without the animals either. We had two toy poodles - one very sociable and the other not. Whenever we had a party Missy was always there greeting everyone and working the crowd like a pro all night. So often people thought we only had one. Muffy - who was the bully in the house normally - disappeared when friends arrived and curled up on our bed not to be seen until the house emptied again of all the 'extras'. I sure miss those girls.

    Maria said...

    Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

    Tammy aka bunchie said...

    I just love your quick pagess! I love the elementsin the corners here! TY! I would love to show you my layouts that I have done with your quick pages but I don't know how to email them. Could you email me if you want to see them at and put quick pages in subject line. I would send them but don't have your email address. Anyway, if you want to see them let me know. I really, really love your work.