Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Jimmys Birthday QP

I wanted to show you what the page from yesterday looks like with pics.:) Pretend my son combed his hair and shaved.LOL He has such a sweet smile and is just as sweet as it is.:) That is my youngest Grand daughter (Destiny)helping him with his presents.hehe. Would you believe that pack of felt pins was thirteen dollars? Christy got that for him..he loves to draw.:) Of course he had to have some new xbox 360 games too...those were from his Dad and me.:)

Thanks for looking.:)

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jburkhart said...

Happy Birthday to your son! Love this qp, too and LOL about him combing his hair and shaving! I believe that those markers cost that much...I just bought a set from Stampin Up and they were 30 something - yes, I know that is crazy...but dh said I could get them and I said, OK! :) Smile! Looks like he and your granddaughter were having fun that day...glad to see you scrapping - thanks for sharing your page with us! :)
P.S. Woo-hoo, I am first on this post!