Monday, August 20, 2007

Valjs QP 8-20-07

I was playing around with my background maker and came up with this one.I loved it so much that I wanted to make a QP out of it. I know the layout looks familiar..but I love it anyway.LOL Hope you do too.:)

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you have left for me.I sure appreciate your taking the time to do that.I know we are soo busy these days it becomes even more special to me when you do leave one.:)

My Mom is coming over today to help me clean again.She is sooo sweet.She knows my back and ankle have been bothering me lately...and it sure doesn't take long for the housework to pile up when that happens.This was her idea..not mine..but I am NOT going to turn her down.LOL Would you?:)

If you would like to use this one....

Here is the link:

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  • Fixed link:
  • dwnldlink

    Elizabeth said...

    Thank you very much for all these marvellous QP.

    Maria said...

    Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

    Leslie and the boyz! said...

    That is such a sweet mother...MY mom would never be able to do that because she would have do hers first.. And I don't have the time to help her with my own needing cleaning. LOL :) HAVE FUN!! and dont work too hard.. No need for you to be in more pain:) HUGS!!!! OH and your new page is BEautiful! :) Wonderful job!! :")

    Scrapcat4914 said...

    TY so very much for todays GORGEOUS QP!!!!!!!!!
    Can I borrow youe Sweet Mom!!! LOL
    My place needs cleaning too but I can only do a little at a time because of my knees & back along with my asthma!!

    Robbi1 said...

    Hi Val, thanks for stoppin by my little blog...always makes my day.
    I'd love if my mom could come help me with housework :) I guess we are 3 hrs time zones apart huh...thats too cute, by the time I got home from dd's and read my emails etc it was 2am your time, lol..I usually stay up till 11, then get ready for bed and watch the news -the tv helps put me to sleep! Thanks for the pretty qp, love those colors, hope you have a great day.

    myscrapbook said... the color.tfs

    jburkhart said...

    Hi Val!
    Remember me? Yes, I know I am in the doghouse for not stopping by sooner - I am sooooooooooooooo sorry....I greatly appreciate your many visits and cheerful comments on my blog! It means a lot to see your smiling face waiting for me to see that you have popped in for a visit!!! Cute avatar, btw - nice to see you! So glad you have like my latest word art goodies, too!
    Yes, I have been busy, busy, busy with vacations, housecleaning, designing and now Kay heading back to school! Can't really believe that Summer is over and it is almost September, too! YIKES!!!!!
    Sorry to hear that your back and ankle are bothering you....I know it is not fun to be hurting so - glad to hear that your mom was able to help you out a bit today - I love when my mom visits, too!
    Take Care and I am off to catch up a bit on your blog....I will "try" to not be a complete stranger once again.....LOL! With school back in session, hopefully I can find my routine again!
    Take care and lots of hugs!

    ConnyB said...

    Hi Val,

    I´m slowly trying to catch up again LOL
    Everything is up and running on the new PC now - it´s always a pain when you have a "clean" harddrive ;)
    But after all - it´s much faster now and I have plenty of space!
    I had to sort all my old files now and I discovered all your wonderful quickpages from almost a year ago - all the snowyman pages and the Christmas pages, wonderful stuff!
    Thank you very much for the new QPs here also :)
    I´m almost off to go to the physiotherapy now.
    Have a great day, Val!!!

    BTW: Check out my blog to get an award ;)